Sunday, August 31, 2008

::Underground Community BBQ::

Last friday , i went to the underground BBQ which is Aibob UG Gath.

At first , i'm too lazy to go coz on my table , i have a lots of work to do.After several chatting with xoul n rhaizo and also poreh in mirc, then i decided to go.

Too lazy to story bout the gath , but for me, i enjoyed it much coz i meet many people who owned their own nickname such as , hibiki@biki ( klaka le mamat nie) , barua,extreme,apong,bluehapp(gosh...the nickname and the person is totally diff),nuke,mafia,shahzero(already known him during my 2nd time orientation,he is faC),willie,lara@dinbaik,zabebah(lor...knal bangat mamat nie...sengal gak ar tp sempoi),A7X,AxS,encikmasen(knal),nissie(knal),hitomi(dh lama knal),globe(knal dah lama) and much more.

Again , let the pictures express everything.

(all da participant)

(why only My Face didn't blur...maybe I'm Special.. =b)

(AX7,Rhaizo,Xoul,TerryBogard,CyroZ,Allin n Samosa - why he pointed me??)


(Globe who only take his food n hitomi..sob..sob..)

(Gbeck,skills CS player..really miss to play CS with him n the geng)

(Rek n Limbo Game,damn it...he can do it at that height)

(CyroZ n Hitomi)

(Kropok Pasti Gigi Patah...gigih ar globe..haha)

(x tau apsal keras giler....isk...isk..)

p/s: Some of the picx, i took it from hitomi blog.Credit to her.....lalalala)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Malaysia's 51 Yrs Of Independence

I wanna wish to all Malaysian citizen ,

Happy 51th Years Of Malaysian Independence

I'm proud to be Malaysian.Let us pray to our country,Malaysia to be peaceful,harmony and so on.

Our theme for this year is "Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan".

Let us celebrate it with joy and full of patriotism spirit.

Chayoks Malaysia....

Credit to :

::Yesterday Is A Tired Day::

Salam everyone...

I'm so sleepy & just wake up currently.

Yesterday was a tired day which need to settle thing at once in a row.From the morning till night , i have a lots thing to do.

This is my yesterday tentative of Life :

7.20am - Wake up lazily , need to take my shower and prepare myself for a long journey.

8.00am - Already in bathroom

8.15am - Out from bathroom

8.45am - Finished grooming myself+waiting for my rumate,en jep to borrow his car.

9.00am - Went to HEP to settle the application to use UNITEN's bus+ask Pn Hawa about money

9.30am - Journey to Kuala Kubu Baru which is above Rasa n Batang Kali.(It took 1hour++ )

10.45am - Arrived and discuss for the quoatation.

11.40am - Finished disccusion and ready to go back to UNITEN.

1.10pm - Arrived in UNITEN safely and went to the mosque for Jumaat's Prayer

2.10pm - Went to UPTEN for taking my lunch+breakfast (tooo hungry...huhu)

2.40pm - Went back to my room , rest for a while+play CS+called my project supervisor )

3.05pm - Went to BN to help Mas and other to clean PRS room+waiting for my supervisor)

3.40pm - Went to my supervisor room and discuss about my project progress. Got my project proposal and i like the mark given to me...hehe

4.00pm - Went back to continue the cleaning

6.40pm - Went back to my room to rest for a while,waiting for next activity.

8.15pm - Went to COE fudcourt coz i have Aibob gath with Rhaiz

1.10am - Going back to my room and fallen sleep already.....ZZZzzz

Still , i have many thing to do during this weekend. I wish that i can go back to my hometown to Fasting together with my family for 1st Ramadhan , but i couldn't.My mum already called me ask whether i'm go back or not.So sorry mum , cannot go back coz many thing to settle up before facing next week.If i go back , next week will be my horror week.For sure, i will not be able to finish it on time.

Sahur,berbuka at UNITEN.But dunno my rumate going back or not....owh....


Thursday, August 28, 2008

::Welcome Ramadhan Al-Mubarak::

(pic above credit to :

It has been a while i didn't update the blog due to excessive work.It can be so stressful facing a tons of work need to be settle up.Luckily this morning , my lecturer just pick one question of tutorial thermo to be submit. Again , the lucky part that question is question 4.65 which i already done last evening. I just managed to settle 3 question out of 20 question. Last night , i supposed to stay up to finish the tutorial but i don't think i can manage it plus for the next day i have quiz. What a good starting for today. No gloomy days.Ahakz.

Back to topic , Ramadhan is just around the corner and if i'm not mistaken , only 3 and a half day left before all of us need to fasting,i mean all the muslims. It is a great month that i'm waiting coz we can do "Tarawih" , "berbuka" and "sahur" together.

A lots of memory we can get especially during waiting for " Berbuka". A lots of us go to bazar ramadhan to buy food for "berbuka" . They will be alots of foods and many variety of them that will make u hardly think :

" Erk...what should i buy?i dunno what i want to eat coz there a lots of food..what to do?"

Recalling my past experience, me and my ex-housemate which are Ihsan & Pakdin, sometime we went out for "sahur" at section 15 at Ameer Ali if i'm not mistaken , serdang area and other. Using motorcycle , 3 of us "Rempit" to these place. It was too cold in the morning but really nice memories.I miss that moment.We'll see for coming Ramadhan,where will be going.Maybe we take our "sahur" at chichen chop in serdang.Haha , just kidding but it might be...hahaha (kaya giler)

One time , we are having our "sahur" at ameer ali , we were talking,chatting and whatsoever until we didn't realized it is nearly "Subuh".We quickly finished our breakfast@Sahur before we cannot eats.Pheww..

Another memory that i remembered , last board of Exco PRS session 06/07 , we've planned to "berbuka" at Masjid Putrajaya. It was a good moment. All of us "berbuka" together including weipin and suresh. If i''m not mistaken , weipin also fasting. Suresh , i don't know whether he fasting or not. It was really sooooo sweet.Seriously...

our bro,epul who eagerly to eat first(x masuk waktu lagi oii)

ieka,mas,mai & Wei Pin with their "Juadah"(mai nye mknn plg byk =b)
i'm trying to open "Kueh"
i dunno what happen to suresh..he "usha" weipin's food i guess

Hope for coming Ramadhan , we can fulfill our responsibility as muslim as good as we can , do good things hopefully, throw away act that can bring sin , and so on and so on.

Most important guys , don't try to break ur fasting and do terawih prayer as many as u can , including me. We don't know whether we can meet meet another Ramadhan or not. Do pray for our life okay.

Last but not least , i want to dedicated :

"Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak"

to all my friends who are currently study overseas , Muza at UK,Wani at ??,pareq at Ireland,Mimie at Russia,Luqman at Australia ,Cha n Afif Farhan at Japan , Fakhri at Aussie and so on who i didn't mention their name here coz too many of them,forgot already coz i'm already old,22 year living on the earth.Haha

p/s: will be study to overseas also...hehe....i hope so...lalalala

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

::Poor Mai::

Just after i reach UNITEN,after doing my survey camp today ,mas told me that Mai seriously injured. She said that Mai's hand was injured by glass of window.

Her right hand need to "jahit". It take 12+2 "jahitan". Huhu.. I can see her face that she already cried.Huhu , poor mai...

Later on , don't do anything like that okay tau Mai.She will be resting at home 4 days.

I'm too tired...need to sleep...nitez...

Monday, August 25, 2008

:: I LurVe You::

What a tired today but really happy.

Just today i went to Kuala Kubu Bahru, to survey a camp for my program.
The journey took about almost 2 hour and the weather sometime raining and sometime it is stop.

But luckily after i'm done my job at the camp , i went to my Lovely Sister's house,Kak Dian.
It has been a long time since we met each other.Almost 3year ++ we've never meet.

It was a wonderful moment.She's become more pretty from the last time i met and more "Ayu". Haha , for sure coz she's my Sister....

Well my dear n lovely sis , hope u manage to get great offer okay. I'll pray for u insya Allah.

Loveee u sooooo much......muahzz...muazx....

Sayang dier sampai bile2....wink..wink....

::Tag Games For Weipin::

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

Starting time: 11.19 AM
Name: Shahmi
Sisters: 2
Brothers: 2
Shoe size: 6 (Sumtime can be 5..dunno why it happen -forgot actually my size)
Height: 151++cm still i can't remember exactly the no..but i know i'm too kawaii~.. =b
Where do you live: currently based in Putrajaya ??

Favourite drinks: During my childhood , i love carrot juice,now can be coffee,tea n whatsoever
Favourite breakfast: seldom take breakfast..huhu..bad for health n brain also...need to change my habit

Have you ever
Been on a plane: no
Swam in the ocean: not at the ocean,but seaside...
Fallen asleep at school: obviously :P
Broken someone's heart: just once in my life..never want to do it again...i already had my lesson
Fell off your chair: maybe two or 3 times during school time..
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: i wish sumone call...but rather than that i called people..
Saved e-mails: depend
What is your room like: messy with book n bag...

What's right beside you: my hp,CCNA text book,blanket(don't like to use it unless it is so cool or attack from mosquito
What is the last thing you ate: chinese fried rice (boss belanja)

Ever had
Chicken pox: yup...i'm in standard 3 or 4
Sore throat: yea
Stitches: nope
Broken nose: hope it will never happen

Do you
Believe in love at first sight: i think so
Like picnics: yea!! and hoping for one soon

Who was were the last person
You danced with: day maybe..haha
Last made you smile: dunno..every moment i smile i front of hp also..lala
You last yelled at: i'm a patient person, 3 years ago i think during orientation..huhu

Today did you
Talk to someone you like: no coz it is too far-far away...i wish i can
Kissed anyone: kisses my little sis....other than that nope
Get sick: in a good condition currently
Talk to an ex: nope
Miss someone: definitely
Eat: eat when i'm too hungry....everyday we must eat to live..hehe

Best feeling in the world
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: not
What's under your bed: is empty
Who do you really hate: i'm a forgiveable person...not in da list rite now..
What time is it now: 11.22 AM

Is there a person who is on your mind now: again..the answer is definitely
Do you have any siblings: yea
Do you want children: for sure
Do you smile often: yes i'm
Do you like your hand-writing: hehe,sumtime my hand-writing is bad n sumtime nice..haha.i do like
Are your toe nails painted: i'm not a girl...
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: i prefer my own bed
What color shirt are you wearing now: orange
What were you doing at 7:00 p.m. yesterday: in front of pc again with erul
When did you cry last: 1 and a half year ago...
Are you a friendly person: yes i'm...

Do you have any pets: yup,6 years ago i take care of my dun have
Where is the person you have feelings for right now: In the hospital
Did you hold hands with the person who mean anything to you now: nope
Do you sleep with the TV on: i'm too lazy to watch tv
What are you doing right now: fulfill the request from weipin..huhu
Have you ever crawled through a window: used to be during childhood...
Can you handle the truth: yeah..i think i'm too "tabah"..but depend
Are you too forgiving: too forgiving...dunno la...depend on the situation
Are you closer to your mother or father: both..but my mum always give me advice
Who was the last person you cried in front of: comment
How many people can you say you've really loved: my family and etc2....want more detail..find it urself...
Do you eat healthy: far as i can
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: nope
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you: nope
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: just go to myself..sumtime other person...
Are you loud or quiet most of the time: i'm in the middle..
Are you confident: most of the times

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1. bullied people
2. join story telling
3. "rempit" in the "ladang" at my old house area
4. always stay at my friends house coz my father always outstation =independent
5. make new friends

5 things on my to-do list today
2. settle program
3. need to survey camp
4. etc2
5. etc2+bzbzbzbzbz

5 snacks I enjoy
1. kokocrunch
2. kinder beuno - i love it..but lazy to buy
3. anything that delicious
4. -
5. -

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Invest my money in anything i that i could
2. help people
3. sit and thinking what to do
4. Donate to charity
5. Enjoy and shop till drop with my loved ones (copy from weipin)

5 of my bad habits
1. lazy
2. not punctual
3. scema@skema...huhu
4. spend money @ boros sumtime
5. when i hate people..i hate it till dunno ..better dunt play2 with me....

5 places I have lived in
1. malacca
2. putrajaya ( currently )
3. gambak
4. parit sulong,batu pahat
5. pagoh,muar

5 jobs I've had
1. Sale person at ALL IT Lowyat
2. Image Processing at Sigmax-e
3. Unemployed =b
4. -
5. -

5 people I tag

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Single & Happy!!

I would like to share this interesting articles bout life.

I post it at my 2nd blog which is Fantasy & Reality Blog and u can view there by click this link :

Single & Happy

Just a brief about that article.For full articles , you can read it at above link okay.

Happiness and the Single Person; Changing Myth Into Reality
  • Seek self-fulfillment as an individual.
  • Do not put off important life decisions while waiting for that special someone.
  • Pamper yourself
  • Make a plan, not excuses

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bengkel Ko-Kaunselor

I'm lazy to write rite now....

let the pics tell everything..... ( copy this phrase from ain roxx)

(Thankz To Yayasan Nurul Yaqeen And Pn Norma for let us to be the participant)

(Our trainer , En Shahrul & En Zakaria from UTHM)

(Our Practical)

(Mahfuz & Kamarul@Ajoi,who make the program become more fun....ajoi with his joke...i can't stand for it...ahakz)

( Mas , Nora,Wani & Me , the participant for the program..nice to know them)

(THe Program is ended.I wish this program could be a week....ades)

(Abang Fuad,Kuch,Wani,Nora,Me,Ika,Kak Reen,Mas,Mai - In Front : Kamarul,Mahfuz n Talib)

(UNITEN's Co-Caunselor To Be - feel free to meet us if u've problems to share....we will help u)

(Us and Committee Program)

(View from our Apartment - Glory Beach Resort)

(Jalan-jalan @ Telok Kemang)

(Lepaking After Program at the beach - great moment)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

~Journey To Bradford~

3.37am and i'm sitting in front of pc again.Not for blog...but for a long journey to Bradford.Many things i learn and many thing i need to learn.

Thankz again to "My Journey To Bradford" for such a wonderful journey. I wish i will have another chance to continue the journey with a long time,nice whether, and so on.

Now, i need to stop. Let continue another time.Take care and wish u have a great time.

Nite n morning everybody.
For sure ,everybody don't know what the heck i'm talking about.It doesn't matter coz it will not enter in da exam...

Think n Think...lalalalala

Monday, August 18, 2008

Do I Look So Bz???

Today is monday and i will go back to KL by 10.30am. I'm already bought ticket bus this morning. While waiting for the bus , i followed my dad to his office.

I went back to Muar 2 days ago which is on saturday and safety arrived at 7.23pm. That night , we were having "Kenduri" coz it was "Malam Nisfu Sya'aban".It was my grandmother want us to be there.After kenduri , my family went to Melaka for next "kenduri" at my mum's family that nite.I was so tired but really happy coz it has been a long time i didn't go back to "kampung".

On sunday , we are preparing for the "kenduri" which is during afternoon.My bro drop by to Melaka with his friend from MIAT just to attend the kenduri.Then he went back coz have class on monday.In the evening , we packed everything and go back to my house.Home Sweet Home.

I think , i was at home just for 12 hours then already need to go back to UNITEN.isk..isk...just a short time spending at my home.I'm supposely spending 1 week holiday at home but it is just a few hours before i need to go back to KL.Too bad.

I think this is an interesting part of my conversation with my Mum regarding my short holiday:

(In Malay)

Mum : Nape kejap sangat cuti?

Me: Ade keje sket la mak.Nak settlekan banyak benda.

Mum : Isk..isk , nie blum lagi kahwin , dah susah nk balik umah. Nanti dah kahwin,dah keje , agaknye lagi jarang+susah nk balik umah.Kalau dapat orang jauh , hurm...x tau ar nk cakap mcm mane.

Me: Laa,x de la sampai macam tu skali.Kita ingat la kat mak.Insya Allah balik nye nnt.Ingat je kat umah n family..don't wory tau.

Do i Look so bz???

Huhu,just wanna spending time that available during study with program.When i'm work , i didn't think i have that opportunity to join program. Don't worry mum , i will always remember how to go back to house and deep inside in me,

"Family No 1"

Away..away to bustand

Saturday, August 16, 2008

::Personality Test::

It already 4.21am and i'm still in front of pc.

While i'm surfing , i found one thing that really attract me.
Do you wanna to know?

It is called Personality Test but it is in Bahasa Malaysia version.

Anyone who would like to take personality test , can click to this link :

I would like to share my result for my personality test in category popular :


Anda seorang yang baik untuk dikenali.


Orang lain adalah penting untuk diri anda.


Anda berprihatin dan mahukan orang lain berasa gembira.


Anda sesungguhnya seorang yang popular.

Do you agree?
Me , i think that ........................

Please complete that phrase by ur own words..ahakz.....

3.40 am

I'm not sleepy.


Maybe i ordered nescafe ice at 15 make me feel not sleepy!

Or Excited to Update Blog?

Maybe Very Excited to Go Back Home to meet My Mum & Dad, my little Bro n Sis with alots of cartoon muvies...gosh, they will not sleep early...haha..they should thankful with their Caring Brother...wawawa.... =b

Should i sleep now or not????


::Snapshot at Majlis Anugerah::


(Kuch,En Arif,Saya,Wei Pin & Pn Sherry)


(Bersama Pn Norma (^_^) )

(Before Event)

(Congratulate To Us)

Credit to Kirin

::Visiting MMU::

Last thursday , i went to MMU Cyberjaya because my peers,Nazrizal from UPG MMU ( University Peers Group MMU) invited me to come to their Anual General Meeting(AGM). I knew him during UPG MMU visiting UNITEN. From there , PRS UNITEN befriend with UPG MMU.

So , i asked some of my colleague if they would like to join me to go for UPG MMU AGM. I think that it would be only me to go to the AGM.Fortunely , mas,mai,ieka,zul n fiqe also want to join me.

Their AGM was a bits different from us , but it still AGM.hehe , i enjoyed myself during the AGM with two naughty MC."Sabar Je la",that my words inside me.But i enjoyed that nite.Although mas and zul have test for the following day, they still able to come.Thankz guys.

Congrate for the new President,his name nur iman,or iman.I didn't remember his full name.Hope , PRS UNITEN & UPG MMU relationship will go on until forever. It is a good opportunity for us because we can expand our network and at the same time , we can help each other for the benefits of both club.

UPG MMU Malacca campus also invite us to their AGM which fall today at 8.00pm if i'm not mistaken.Unfortunately , i think we couldn't make it.But thankz for the invitation.Maybe next time we can come to the MMU Malacca to visit them.Hehe.

Just a few pics that i took during the AGM. Most of our pictures are taken by UPG crew.Later on i will ask for it.

( Me and Mas, Vice President 2)

::Tomorrow Is Time To Go Back::

Tomorrow is saturday...n it already saturday at 1.18am.

The mid-term break is started.So , need to pack whatever i think that i should bring.Going back home with a lots of story,i wonder which one i should tell my family.

Tomorrow, there will be "kenduri" at my grandmother's house in Muar , and on sunday , there will be "kenduri" at Melaka , my mother's grandmother.

Jom Balik kampung...hehe...

p/s: mas,pandai2 bahagi masa balik kg tu...nk wat mcm mane,umah byk sgt...tu baru 2,blum tambah satu lagi...ahakz

Friday, August 15, 2008

::Congrate To PRS::

Today is a happy day for me and all PRS's members.It is because of the
"Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Aktiviti Pelajar 2007" this evening.

"Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Aktiviti Pelajar 2007" is an event that to appreciate students that involve in university and club society activity.

For "Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Pelajar 2007" , my club which is "Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya @ PRS " have won for " Anugerah Kelab/Persatuan Terbaik Kategori Rekreasi & Latihan". I'm really proud and everybody are proud for it. This achievement, i would like to thankz to all people who are involve in PRS.Without support from all of you , we can never achieve this title.Thankz again to all people and thankz for support PRS until now.

I also would like to congratulate to PRS mates who won " Anugerah Semangat Kesukarelawan" which is Saudara Iszmir Nazmi , Saudari Mashitah Haris,Saudari Tan Wei Pin,Saudari Maisarah Mokhsin and me,myself.

For Maisarah@Mai Capap , congrate for ur best archiement coz won "Anugerah Keseluruhan Wanita" for the event . I'm really proud of u and u deserve it.Yeah , Mai Hebat.Bravo to M

Not forget to others nominees who won such as harun-hafiz-rchong-pyan-wee ser-dominic . Congrate to them.

It is a great achievement to myself n all my friends coz we share this happiness moment together. To Kirin , this is just a first step and i want you to try your best next year okay.

I would like to share this happy moment to everyone coz support me until now.Without you , i'm nothing,nobody and maybe i'm just an ordinary person. A lots of people i meet from my start point to be active in club until now , which is final years student. All of them are great teacher to me.

Well , my mid term break holiday is just started and let enjoy our time.



Tomorrow , my friend, Pareq will engage with her future husband which is 16/8/2008. Seems the time is running so fast and many of my friend already engage,will be engage,will be marry, and married.

Whoa , the environmental is changing. Engage and married in a young age , 22-23 yeard old i guess so.

Just wanna wish for her engagement ,

May Allah bless you,Pareq & her Future Husband,Rahisham
To Love,Be Loved
Regain happiness until forever
Nothing can separate both of you
As u're both are destined to be together,
Insya Allah,Amin

I'll be looking for ur future wedding ceremony. Don't forget to invite me okay.Hope her engagement will be smooth and i think it is a moment that everybody will not forget for entire of life. So do I.

All da best to Pareq (^_^)

Arcade Game + Relax MOde

Salam n hye everyone.

I'm back with a few story of the people.Haha , after having a tough time facing the test mode,i'm already free.Free for not thinking test or exam for a while.Although i'm free , some of my friends have test today.Ganbatte to them.

It have been a long times i didn't step in to Mines (sumtime i spell Mi+Nes) and yesterday , i went there with my friends,erul,hakim and zam.I don't know when the last time we're going out together but i think it was lonnnnnnngg time ago. Well ,Me a bzzzz person.I wonder when this bzzz disease will ended. Haha , we'll see it ok.

At Mines , we are wandering around,go to computer department and hp department , just wanna to "usha2". Erul want to find headphones for his "new" mp3."Rempit+Listening To Music" that he want to do during the journey to Muar.Then we went "usha" PS3,X-Box n PSP.Wow , great performance+awesome graphic.It looks like Zam already fall in love with PSP. Me , i'm not interest with gaming console coz i'm not really into it. I'm not a gaming person.Just a person who love technology.

Back to topic , we went to the Arcade Games and we planned to play shooting game for 4 people. Unfortunately , the game machine only have 3 guns.1 gun are missing.We decided to play Maxx TT Super bike(my games during my kids time). I'm managed to get 2nd places of 3. Hakim was not in da game coz late comer.

( Hakim+HP+Play Games)

( Zam with Rempit MOde)

Then , we played daytona.First round , i'm like a fool person coz i dunno how to control it,in the other words not very familiar.I was lefted by them at 4th place. Then , we played again coz hakim wanna try to beat Zam who got 1st place which he supposed not to be.He don't have any car's driving license , yet he managed to beat us.Haha , u're so lucky coz the game don't have clutch. If not , i will be champion.Haha,just kidding. 2nd time , i managed to get 3rd placed and hakim is last placed.I don't know what he was doing at that time.To bad to him , accident during the racing for twice time.Thankz to hakim , i'm not the last, again.

It was fun went out together. I'm looking forward for the next time event.Haha , tata guys.

See u later...daaa

Thursday, August 14, 2008

::Restless & Hectic Day::

Salam to all my friend.

Recently , my blog was blocked by website Admin because has been identify as a potential spam blog. I don't know why this happen after i create the blog. Because of that , i opened another blog but it resulted the same as this blog. So , i just waited until they unblock my blog. At last , today i can organize back my blog.

I was so damned tired for whole day, i think for this whole week. I just finished 2 test in a row and you could imagine how tired i am. It was a hectic and restless day.For 2 test in a row, i only studied 4 hours for my 1st test which is Applied Telecommunication subject followed by Thermodynamic test which is 7 hours gap. For Thermo test , i only managed to study 3 hours before entering exam hall. Now i can relax for a while plus keep thinking about my project 1. When should i start to do it?

It already 2.30am and i should go to sleep coz i have class tomorrow at 8.00am. I wish i can announce for myself that tomorrow classes are cancel.I wish i could and i can do that.Haha , but i'm already skipped my classes yesterday which i couldn't avoided it coz i don't have enought time to study for my test.

Well , thankz to all my friends that wish good luck for my test.But still, i'm in a busy mode coz need to settle everything which i don't know where should i start.Sorry to afiq coz couldn't look back ur pc which have been cursed to be silent pc.No sound coz i didn't install the driver sound yet.That nite while installing windows for ur pc , i'm already sleepy.Later on okay.

Guess , i need to sleep now.
Nite n sweet dream everyone.


Monday, August 11, 2008

::First Moment Of My New Blog::

Salam semua.

It was 12++ am of 11 August 2008 and i was in my friend house.He asked me to look for his pc coz got probz.

So , while waiting for the installation window xp to finish , i sit down in front of my friend's lappy and started to remote my pc.

I was thinking to create blogs for my ourselves since weeks ago. It is because when i commented my friend's blog,they couldn't comment back to me coz i don't have any except Fantasy Or Reality blog which it was created for general purposed only together with my friends. Lastly, after finished install the windows , i went back to my room and start thinking name for my blogs.It took quite long for me to choose.Lastly, this blog is created. Just for one night , i spend time just looking for a suitable layout.I was so sleepy and before i went to sleep , i downloaded new layout and post a new topic,which is this topic but different content.

This morning, i editted back and finally it is completed.I don't know whether i have time to sit in front of pc and post something new about myself.Just hope i have enought time.Hehe , my friend said that i should blog coz it will improve my english.Thankz to my friend , Cik Azizah for the encourage.

After this , my friend can comment back to me and it is a good moment reading comment from my friend who know me such as Mas n Weipin who like to blogs.

Many thing to do for this blog such as put shoutbox,organize layer n so on.Before doing that , i must study for my becoming test this wednesday. Ganbatte En Irfan.

Daa n wassalam my dear reader.