Friday, January 28, 2011

Please take care your health!!

How many of you are getting sick lately?

And how do you feel when you get sick suddenly?

Have you check your blood pressure,glucose and cholesterol level recently?

If you haven't do it yet , i suggest you check it at hospital, clinic or any necessary places that have that services.

Answer for XXXX~

tHe anSweR iS

Monday, January 24, 2011

[Special Entry] - Sushi King Receipt ~

Below are the pictures of Sushi King Receipt

that I've keep it for such a long time.(i wonder how long I've kept it)

Can you guys make a guess how many years i kept it?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today's Breakfast

I'm soo full with my own breakfast.

I cooked Fried rice as last night i went out dinner with my brother. I supposed to cook last night but prefer to go out as i haven't went out from morning to evening.

My fried rice taste almost equivalent to my mum cook which i love to eat.

So delicious and yummy.


Fried Rice that soooo awesome~ 

p/s; Maybe i can be a chef~ haha

Thursday, January 13, 2011


It is already Jan 13 2011 and i haven't got any other interview other than Huawei. Just a couple of weeks left before i'm totally don't have any income. And it is quite bothering me as i don' know how i should end of this problem.

Praying and hoping and sending resume to company that i can do right now.Maybe to those visitor who would like to hire me as an Elecrical & Electronic Engineer (major in communication) can let me know.I would be happy to get know that. =)

Well , this is the result from the jobstreet that i've already applied. Not a good one. Sigh~ again.

Must have own transport!

Must have own transport
Must have own transportMust have own transport
Must have own transportMust have own transportMust have own transport
Must have own transportMust have own transportMust have own transportMust have own transport


Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

LG-E900 Win7 Phone

At last , I was able to look closely to Win7 phone when i went to Mines last Saturday. I is my dream to see how beautiful these win7 OS as I'm currently android user.

One of the Win7 phone was made from LG manufacturer which is
 LG-E700 @ LG Optimus 7(if i'm not mistaken).

I didn't take full pics of the handphone itself as i'm soo amazed with the beauty of the phone.(Still i'm loving my Nexus One soooo much)

Thursday, January 6, 2011



Thank to Mashitah for telling me how to do this kind of stuff. Please refer to below picture.

You can see an arrow pointing to "You might also like : "

I'm wondering how the people did this and now i know. 

With this , the blogwalking will easy to see my older post that i wrote before.