Thursday, April 29, 2010

My N1

After decided 2 days n 2 night , i've made my decision to buy my dream phone. I don't care anymore as long i get it. The phone will cost you a nightmare. I don't want to mention the price here but u can search for it price by click to link below :  

Search for : "dell inspiron 15" 

Then click the first link of the search result. It is exactly the same price for this N1.Without wasting time , let put the picx in this post.

Box of nexus one~

Front view

Back view

Keypad lock

Interface of Android~


For more detail on its specification , 3D pictures and etc , just click here.

I'm sure most of yourself  will think what the heck is nexus one. Nexus one is a google phone that using HTC hardware. For the OS , the nexus one is using Android OS which is linux base. More info , you can search at the web regarding android phone. Other than that , N1 is not sell inside Malaysia. You can only get it online via google web which is only available to 3 country such as US,Singapore and Hong Kong. If u want to have , please go to lowyat forum to find it because there are people selling the N1

I'm choosing nexus one because it is an open-source which you can do everything with your phone without restriction. You can put icon anywhere that you like,downloads many free applications from Android market,and a lots of. The current competitor for N1 is iphone. 
Why i don't choose iphone?
Well , i'm not very fond with iphone because there are many people outside used it.I don't like to follow trend or else. What i need is i use all the function that i need.

Adios people~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In dilemma

Need to buy or phone....urm...
quite expensive but...

what to say..haha

Friday, April 23, 2010

Proposal defence

Finished already the proposal defense. 1 hour to wait outside and 1hour to present.Anyways , everything went smooth. Thankz Dr Norashidah. =)

Need to wait for the first student to present their proposal defend. Outside is quite discreet plus a bit cold
*updated   at 2.45pm

Ok , just wait a few minute before i start presenting the proposal defend 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yellow note~

Just receive a yellow note from my beloved Supervisor , Assoc. Prof Dr. Norashidah Md. Din for proposal defend. A todo list need to settle this evening.

"Development of a DBA communication protocol on a multidrop Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) network testbed"
Hence ,need to work
on the
slide A.S.A.P.
Off for preparing my proposal defend.
Note : Proposal defend is a pre-viva. In a simple words ,i need to present what i've done for my master regardless the result.For viva which will take 1 to 2 hours presentation but complete together with the result and QnA from the internal & external examiner. Wish everything will be smoothly as the wind flow through the window.

Goodbye Apple - No more Flash inside you~

Adobe Powers Down iPhone Flash Ambitions

Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) Systems has ended its efforts to secure a spot on the iPhone OS for Flash, its multimedia platform.
While the company will ship its Flash-to-iPhone porting tool in its upcoming Creative Suite, it will not dedicate any more resources to the program, Mike Chambers, Adobe's principal product manager for developer relations for the Flash platform, said in a blog post on Tuesday.
Earlier this month, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) updated its developer program license, forbidding apps created with anything other than Apple-sanctioned tools. That included Adobe's tool to port programs written in Flash to the iPhone OS, which runs the iPhone and Apple's new iPad tablet.
Adobe will instead turn its attention to mobile platforms such as Android, the Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) phone operating system Manage and monitor your systems with Landscape for 
Ubuntu. Free 60 day Trial..
"We are at the beginning of a significant change in the industry, and I believe that ultimately open platforms will win out over the type of closed, locked down platform that Apple is trying to create," Chambers wrote in his post.
Neither Apple nor Adobe responded to requests for comment before deadline for this article.

The Hurt's on Apple?

Apple's decision will do more to hurt it in the long run than it will Adobe, predicted Al Hilwa, an IDC Research analyst following the issue.
"Apple should really go back and reread history and see how they lost the first war with the PC," Hilwa told MacNewsWorld.
The decision to further close off the iPhone ecosystem may ultimately backfire, he said, if Android continues its rapid growth trajectory and other well-heeled competitors -- Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and RIM, primarily -- are able to capitalize on growing smartphone interest to take market share from Apple.
The decision also opens a strong marketing Free Report - Discover the Difference of Email Marketing 2.0! play for Apple's competitors to lure consumers with talking points promising the "full Web, not just the parts Steve Jobs wants you to see," Hilwa said.
Then again, Apple does have a huge presence in the smartphone market, and with the recent announcement of its iAd platform for iPhone OS developers, Apple has even less incentive to allow Flash -- a standard in online advertising -- onto its devices, Hilwa said.

Flash Can Survive

For Adobe, the question will be how well Flash can do without the iPhone.
Flash is strategically important to the success of Adobe's Creative Suite, which accounts for about half of its revenue. While losing out on the iPhone won't impose a significant short-term revenue hit, it could pose a strategic challenge if developers choose to stop supporting the platform and stop buying Adobe tools.
However, that's not likely to happen, Hilwa said.
"I think Flash can absolutely survive without the iPhone," he maintained. "The race is far from over."

Source :


Guess what? iPhone or iPad user won't be enable to play/view any flash material as Apple already backfired Adobe. Most of the website use flash player , even in your facebook , the apps are using flash player. No farm ville , pet society , and etc for those gamers in fb. Very pity to those iPhone user. Anyway , i know there are lots of apps and games in iStore for iPhone user and they wont mind about the flashy thing. Up to the people on which they are most likely to use. For me , i'm not iPhone fanz but i like tech stuff. I will prefer to move on open source as it can give me freedom. No need to care for iTunes and whatsoever. All da best in your journey to find a perfect smartphone..

P/s: Nobody perfect , so do the smartphone.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Personalize ur Win7 desktop

A wallpaper that really attract my eyes. I took it from Windows themes Online for Win7. There are lots of nice view which i like most are nature,sightseeing and etc.

I love this pic. Are you the same taste as me? =)

a new inspiring for ur life

Are you gonna be strong? There are many people in this world that suffered great problem that us. Have you think about it. Although you have a perfect body,in term of your spirit , do you can beat this man? Enjoy the video by  click here

Monday, April 19, 2010

To do List~

Since i've already unlocked my block , let see , what should i write.I proceed with my todo list :

1.Determine queue  ( DONE)
2Determine how to Generate REPORT msg ( DONE)
3Determine how to generate GATE msg ( DONE)
4.Write up thesis ( PENDING)
5.Finish my master (On the Way )
6.Meeting ITEX ( Wednesday)
7.Prepare for Proposal Defend ( Not started yet)
8.Balik kampung ( don't know when?)

1-3 : My master's task that need to finish. Yeay , already finished , therefore wait for Mr. Shahrol and Pn Emi for next process which is setup the firmware , implement my coding and testing.If everything okay , then i can write up my thesis to finish my master.  

6 : ITEX will be our next destination to present our research to the industrial company. Hence , we can further the research n maybe can sell the product.Hope so.
8 : I must go back home , but i don't to take a bus. Why? Because i'm lazy to take bus. I prefer to 'tumpang org' till the destination. Anybody? I think i want to go back next week as first May , i'll be a driver of my friend to Telok Intan attending wedding ceremony. Afiq maybe go back  to Johor  on first may. Haiz...

That's all. Need to think an idea of writing something.Adios babe~ 

5 months

Owh , it already 5 months since i haven't open my blog.Very lazy and feel to close it.After all
, hope i get an idea to write and so on. Hello world and hello my friends

Credit to Pics of bread