Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bile saye nk jadi "Shahmi Mamat Honda" ??

Bila tengok ada org letak nama kat facebook - "Si Polan Mamat Honda" ,mcm best gak. Tapi , tu sebab orang tu ada kete honda.

Saya pun mau kete honda gak..tapi ntah bile...Macam biasa...berangan adalah salah satu cara untuk meningkatkan daya kreativi anda di samping memberi motivasi diri untuk menjadikan segala angan-angan anda itu adalah realiti.Insya Allah.

Celebration Birthday for my lil Sis~

Before i went to Kota Tinggi on saturday@23/10/10 to attend Huda's Wedding , my family went to Melaka to celebrate my lil sis birthday. So , we decided to do it at Melaka becoz of my brother. He works in Flying Academy in Batu Berendam , so that he can join us.

When i went back home on thursday , she asked me for a present. I didn't know what to give to her.Then my mum asked me to buy "Tudung" in Tangkak after i fetch my sister at Matrik Tangkak after friday prayer for her.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Farheen : Sir..sir.....
Me : (Looking around for the food)
Farheen : Sir Shahmi....
Me : (Looking for the person that called me)

My 4th time~

This is my 4th time trying to apply credit card.
and i wonder why the bank keep rejecting my application. Every minimum requirement already fulfill by my job.
The reason i'm applying the credit card is because i want to use it during emergency time. Maybe you will think my statement is the common statement that being used by those who applying the CC for his/her time. After they got CC , it time to show who the real boss. I mean that how will they spend they money using that plastic card@Credit Card@ CC.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Colouring contest by My Sis

We attended convocation of my Bro for UNIKL at PICC. While waiting for the ceremony ended , there were contest being held to children below 12 years and i asked my sis to join since she just sit at the chair. 


There are too many words in my blog...

I need a pictures..nice+beautiful+meaningful pics.....huhuhuhuhu

and also colorful.

Thinkin of

I'm thinking of doing another blog for my master project.

I've already took pics for the content..and also already create the blog.

But , never upload it.

When i can..ops...when i won't be lazy...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Updates in October

1. Received lappy Studio 14 already -  fully utilized the lappy such as :
      1.1 - On the lappy without shutdown it as i wont see the lappy again after tomorrow.
      1.2 - Format and install the OS repeatly - Mac then Win7 then Mac again.
      1.3 - At the end , enough with Mac OS . Format the hdd for the 15 times i guess in one week.
      1.4 - End up with Win7 home premium + Ubuntu Maverick.

2. Paper for IEEE Scored is accepted with minor correction.
      2.1 - Finished editing spelling mistaked.
      2.2 - Haven't changed the Figure because it is so small and people cannot see it.
      2.3 - Already bookmark my calender for Camera Ready on 29/10/10.
      2.4 - Will proceed later with the figure.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

MOrning everyone

I'm on break writing the blog.

Although i have quite an ample time , but the mood to write the blog is still far..far away to reach.

For android program that recently I've updated the status , Alhamdulillah i managed to finish it according to the date line.Hope MDec will approved my application.

Since the app already submitted, i've proceed with buying the android development platform.

After a long brainstorming session on what should i buy , I've decided to buy a laptop as android smart phone is not really amazed me. I'm done with My nexus one. =)