Saturday, August 28, 2010

Android Application Development Program

Android and android again...
I have just finished this program yesterday and a lots of things i learned from it.

Basically this program is under MDeC(Multimedia Development Corporation)  which was conducted by a company. In this matter , SAGE Sdn. Bhd. was responsible to make the training happened."MDeC is incorporated under the Companies Act of Malaysia, and owned and funded by the Government. At MDeC, we combine the entrepreneurial efficiency and effectiveness of a private company with the decision-making authority of a high-powered government agency" - taken from MDeC website. For more details about MDeC , just click the MDeC.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Refreshing Sunday

I'm refreshing this blog with a cool Template Design.

It is easy and less headace.

Maybe some of you can try how this work. You can customize it according what template you want , themes , background pics, how the column you want to ,adjusting the left and right and etc.

Have a try my friends

Android Garage@Solaris Dutamas

It has been a quite while since i didn't blogging.

Today is 11th day of Ramadhan@fasting.

And today is sunday which is My Schoolmates Gath at Subang Jaya. Well , i didn't feel to join them as many thing bother my life. Just going through break the fasting like usually (go to bazar n buy something for the "Berbuka")

Okay , back then to Android Garage.