Sunday, November 17, 2013

Passion writer's Dream

To become a passion writer is a dream for everybody including me. Whether you write it online or offline, sharing with people or share yourself is already become a writer.

For me to be able writing many posts in this blog appeared during my study time. At that time, I was trying to polish my writing skill by blogging. Hence, a lots of topic I can come up. But when career already took over you, the passion is gone or should I say I forgot about it.

To restore back the passion, you need to allocated consistent hour which pretty hard actually. But when you manage to do that, you feel like a success person.

I'll come back again with fresh look of this blogs.

Before I check out from this blog, I would like to share information regarding latest Nexus 5 device and rumor of Google Smartwatch via  .

Enjoy your reading and have a nice weekend.

~ Shahmi ~

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Updating my blog

It has been almost 2 years since I abandoned this page.

It is not my fault to be a lazy person writing something about myself. Too many things that I've encountered and Alhamdulillah, I'm still in one piece able to breath on Allah world. 

Well, this blog is my 2nd blog that I created since I online in virtual world.

My first blog is and it still online till now. At first, I want to dedicated that blog for daily life memory that we can share. Still, I just let it be floating like that.

Hopefully, my passion to write back will come.

Moreover, I would like to try a new business.

Therefore, those who seek for Wedding Card / Kad Kahwin can view at LoveyDovey. Feel free to drop by and if you like it, you can order from us.

Stay tune in my next post.


Voting for General Election #13 For Malaysia Future

Dear All,

Today, we received news from SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya) regarding our 13th General Election. As their meeting ended this afternoon, it reveal us when nomination and election date will be. 

Such a long period that we need to wait for this moment. Hopefully, during Malaysian 13th General Election will going smoothly.

Sadly enough, I'm unable to vote. I pray for Malaysia and may Allah show us the best future government to rule our nation with peaceful mind , clean government and the most important that those who has the power, need to use it wisely for RAKYAT.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Kuliah Atas Talian - By Saiful Islam

Assalamualaikum Muslim & Muslimah ~

Mungkin ada di antara kamu memikirkan sudah lama tidak mendengar ceramah-ceramah agama dan kemungkinan alasan-alasan yang selalu diberikan adalah tidak punya masa, masih di tempat kerje, jarang ke masjid dan sebagai nya. 

Teknologi yang sedia ada ini kita boleh memanfaatkan dengan mendengar Kuliah di Atas Talian.

Syabas Ustaz Haji Hasrizal Abdul Jamil atas usaha dakwah yang memudahkan semua umat Islam.

Harapnye Kuliah atas talian ini dapat dimanfaatkan bukan sahaja utk dakwah individu, tetapi untuk diguna pakai oleh pihak-pihak yang berkaitan seperti Pihak Masjid, JAIS, JAIJ dan sebagainya.

Harap dapat manfaat ilmu yg disebarkan melalui kuliah atas talian. Semoga titik-titik hitam di hati kita dapat dibersihkan dengan mendengar kuliah agama.

Insya Allah ~